Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security

Business Engagement

As a company, supporter or sponsor, you can participate in the following ways:

by sponsoring a mini-project: this could be anything from suggesting an idea, or providing data or knowhow, all the way through to having a student work on-site with you for nine weeks. If the mini-project goes well for both sides, you might agree to support the student through the next three years of their research.

by hosting a field trip or a ‘deep dive’ or masterclass:
the CDT is keen to give the students a broad experience of ‘real life’ cyber security, enabling them to see how the ideas and challenges they study in an academic environment are translated (or not) into practice.

by substantive sponsorship: the CDT can accept more students than it has funding for. Sponsoring, or cosponsoring a student throughout their four years of study demonstrates a commitment to advanced research in cyber security. Likewise, donations in kind – of software, data, and other resources – can be invaluable for keeping research focused on practical and achievable goals.

Sponsors are invited to participate in the CDT’s Advisory Board, and to interact with the students as much as possible through open days when students showcase their work, and an annual dinner.

For more information, please contact cdt@cybersecurity.ox.ac.uk