Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security


Q: Is the CDT accepting new applications for this academic year?

No, the CDT’s final cohort is now in-flight and we do not expect to recruit for further cohorts for the foreseeable future.


Q: How do I study Cyber Security at Oxford?

You may wish to consider the DPhil in Computer Science, with a focus on Cyber Security. DPhil programmes with the Department of Politics and International Relations, Oxford Internet Institute and Faculty of Law may also be relevant when applying within these subject disciplines, again, with a focus on Cyber Security.


Q: How many students are currently on course?

We have around 50 students completing their DPhil with us, across 10 departments within the university. We have around 35 students who have completed or submitted their thesis as of summer 2020.


Q: What do your alumni do after graduation?

Our alumni have moved into interesting and diverse roles on completion of their DPhil. 50% of graduates have continued to progress their career in academia. A further 39% have moved into industrial roles and 11% are building careers in government positions across the globe


Q: How can I see the final thesis of CDT students?

These are all publicly available via the Oxford Research Archive (ORA) database. The CDT’s Technical Paper Series, which releases mid-DPhil and in progress work.


Q: What are the future plans for the CDT?

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