Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security

CDT Places and Funding

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Ideal students will have cyber security interests which span disciplines already. Although it would be desirable for this to have been reflected in undergraduate study, we know this isn’t usually possible. So a Computer Science student who has undertaken independent study in legal aspects would be an excellent fit, or a social science student who has ‘A’-level maths and has written smartphone apps, say, would also be ideal.

The CDT has 16 places available in each cohort, of which, funding is available for up to 12. Funding is subject to normal EPSRC rules i.e. Home status students are eligible for a full fees scholarship and an annual stipend (for four years) of £17,053 each year; and EU status students are eligible for fees only scholarship. Overseas students are welcome, and will need to pay the full Oxford University fees and cover their living expenses if accepted.

The UK government has confirmed that there are no changes to the funding arrangements for EU students joining us in the academic year 2018-19. As a result the usual EPSRC eligibility criteria will still apply. If awarded funding from the CDT, this will cover the duration of your course regardless of the outcome of Brexit negotiations. Full details of the government’s statement can be found here.

If you have already applied for another DPhil course in Oxford, and wish your application to be directed to this centre instead, please contact us for advice.

Places (and funding) are be awarded on a competitive basis, according to academic merit.

The minimum requirement is a 2.i (or overseas equivalent) in a relevant undergraduate degree, or a Distinction at Master’s level. Those with a first class degree, a strong Master’s qualification, or strong relevant work experience will generally be nearer the top of the priority list.