Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security

CDT Programme

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Each October, we accept a new cohort of students. As member of the CDT you will spend the first year in a group with the other CDT students in your cohort on an intensive programme of study designed to introduce the dimensions and nature of the challenge of Cyber Security from a range of academic perspectives.

These will include as a core, cyber Security Principles (Systems and Operations), Usability, Security Risk Management, System Architectures, High-integrity systems engineering. There will also be a range of courses in research methods and tools. This understanding will be placed in the context of courses in business processes, policy and governance, international relations, and criminology. You will have access to leading thinkers and practitioners in cyber security, through a programme of visits and field trips.

A sample timetable from 2017-18 can be found here. Please note however the curriculum is reviewed and adjusted each year based on feedback from our students, academic colleagues and industry partners to ensure the taught element remains up to date and relevant.

Following this intensive education, you will spend the summer of the first year undertaking two ‘mini projects’ in diverse areas, usually involving placement in a company or government organisation. You will normally choose these from a list proposed by supervisors and sponsors. One or both of these mini-projects will form the basis for your long-term research project.

For this substantive project, you will be based in one of the departments contributing to the CDT, and undertake supervised research in the usual manner for a DPhil. The normal duration of this project will be three years, after which you will submit a thesis and be examined in the usual way. During the three years of the individual research project, you will retain contact with the CDT, returning for skills training, an annual conference,
and other events.

Another Cyber Security CDT has been set up at Royal Holloway University of London. The two CDTs share a range of events throughout the year.