Connected and Autonomous Vehicles workshop

This page will remain online until 31 May 2016

Workshop on Cyber Risk and Connected/Autonomous Vehicles

Held in Oxford, 22 February 2016

Some presenters have graciously agreed to make their presentations public.  Here are links to:

  • Paul Martin (Plextek): Connected and Autonomous Vehicles – Supply Chain Security (link)
  • Professor Cas Cremers (University of Oxford): Secure communication in autonomous vehicles (link)
  • Professor Andrew Martin (University of Oxford): Keeping the bad software at bay? (link)
  • Dr Ramsey Faragher (Focal Point Positioning Ltd): Sensing in an inhospitable environment – the risks to autonomous platforms (link)
  • Dr Flavio Garcia (University of Birmingham): Dismantling Megamos Crypto: Wirelessly Lockpicking a Vehicle Immobilizer (link) – relevant full papers here and here
  • Professor Lilian Edwards (University of Strathclyde): Privacy and Connected Cars (link)
  • Professor Steve New (University of Oxford): Why provenance is an issue for the connected car (link)

and poster presentations by:

  • Professor Carsten Maple (University of Warwick): PETRAS Privacy, Ethics, Trust, Reliability, Acceptability, and Security for the Internet of Things (link)
  • Dr Colin O’Halloran (University of Oxford): System Cyber Vulnerabilities (CSP) (link)
  • Professor Marina Jirotka (University of Oxford): Towards an ethical black box (link)
  • Madeline Cheah (Coventry University): Testing and Design Methodology for Automotive Security (link)
  • Mike Parris (SBD): Securing the Connected Car (link)
  • Nick Reed (TRL): TRL and Future Mobility (link)
  • Nigel Wall (Climate Associates): Coding and Filtering Information from Connected Cars (link)


See also this related article by Wendy Grossman in net.wars and this piece by Sandra Wachter.