Red, Blue and everything inbetween

The Perimeter Has Been Shattered: Attacking and Defending Mobility and The Internet of Things in The Enterprise Environment

Addressing the security skills gap

Towards Exploitability Assessment for Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities

Ransomware Decryption

Legal issues in the field of cybersecurity

Focus on Your Malware, Not Infrastructure

How to Hack a Police Station

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

Fuzzing Cellular Networks for fun and profit – if allowed

Inferring Cyber Loss Distributions from Insurance Prices

Your DNA is only a click away – Personal Genomics, Privacy, Security, and a call for reform

Security Protocols: Model Checking Standards

Exploiting the Human Factor–how we hacked a General

I have no time for any backup

Life of an Incident

Cyber Security Challenges in Future Mobility

Multiparty Privacy (plus other security and privacy research)

Security and Emerging technologies- challenges and opportunities

Designing digital security for all: why an inclusive security approach matters

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Seminar by Sandra Wachter

Consumer perspectives on digital security

Seminar by Dave Palmer

On the security of Cyber Physical Systems for Smart, Circular cities

From social interaction to ethical AI

Hacking smart machines with smarter ones

Mitigating the inter-State cyber anarchy

Cyber Insurance Prudential Risks

Industry of Anonymity: Inside the Business of Cybercrime

Reasoning about Security of Amazon Web Services

UK’s Code of Practice on Consumer IoT Security

Federal Prosecution Service against CyberCrimes and Prevention

The Future Of Cyberwar

Seminar by Ranjan Pal

Privacy Trading in the Apps and IoT Age: Markets and Computation

Algorithms that remember: Model inversion attacks and data protection law

Rethinking the Proposition of Privacy Engineering

The Blockchain Vow to an Intelligent Trustworthy Patient-Centered Healthcare

A scientific approach to fighting web-based cybercrime

Rethinking IT Security

Seminar by Ruba Abu-Salma

Robot Rules: Regulating Artificial Intelligence

Distance-Bounding Protocols: Verification without Time and Location

Securing the IoT: Critical Research Challenges

Seminar by Colin Bateman

Get Funded! Overview of Opportunities in Cybersecurity

Task Planning for Long-Term Autonomy in Mobile Service Robots

Heap Trajectory Prediction by Layout Abstraction

Cyber Threat Intelligence – how does it actually work?

Seminar by Jose Such

Cyberhealth: Viewing digital networks through the lens of the philosophy of public health

Seminar by Laurie Pycroft

What is Privacy and Why Can’t We Agree About It?

What is Privacy and Why Can’t We Agree About It?

Cyber Security: Protecting the consumer

Can Interactive Intelligent Artefacts Be Ethical?

Responsible Innovation: applications of quantum technologies and their security implications.

Weird machines, exploitability, and provable unexploitability

Securing cloud-assisted services

Malware Ecologies: Exploring the Geographies of Cybersecurity

I Trust my Zombies: a Trust-enabled Botnet

The Oceania Cyber Security Centre – Exploring Cybersecurity in the context of National Priorities

PROTECTIVE: A European-Wide National Research Education Network Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform – Lessons Learnt To Date

Export knowledge: cybersecurity, maturity, and ‘shiny toys’

Temporal Signature

System Intrusion Tolerance / Balancing Privacy, Organizational Risk, and Information Sharing

Securing Concurrent Lazy Programs Against Information Leakage

IoT Security: The Gathering Storm

Accountability in Algorithms: Ethical and Legal Perspectives

Design and analysis of security in distributed cyber physical networks

Mapping Militant Selfies: Application of Entity Recognition/Extraction Methods to Generate Battlefield Data in Northern Syria

Seminar by William Tibben

Network modelling and anomaly detection at scale for cyber-security applications

Auditable PAKEs: Approaching Fair Exchange Without a TTP

Mapping Militant Selfies: Application of Entity Recognition/Extraction Methods to Generate Battlefield Data in Northern Syria

The design and implementation of WireGuard

False Flags in the Wild: Complexities of Attribution in Practice

The social and psychological impact of cyber-attacks

Innovation 101: a guide to IP / Licensing / New venture creation / Impact beyond academia

Real world security analytics – Identifying and handling potential compromises in a large organization

The Application of Visual Analytics to Cyber Security

Efficient And Deniable Authenticated Encryption

Digital Wildfire – managing the spread of harmful content on social media

Rethinking Passwords

Why Cyber Security is Hard: Cyber Security as a Complex Adaptive System

Seminar by Brent Mittlestadt

Post-compromise security and the Signal protocol

Ir-Regulating Cyber-Security? Understanding Cyber-Security Regulation from the Practitioner’s Perspective and Learning How to Design Practically Sound Guidelines.

Time to Reassess: Is the Computer Misuse Act Fit for Purpose?

Modelling IoT / Internet systems for threat detection

Security in cellular-radio access networks

Trains, cars and planes – security in the fast lane: The increasing relevance of cyber security to connected transport technology

Stop CHACE’ing our Tails

Fighting modern cybercriminal operations

Seminar By Filippo Valsorda

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) – security, privacy and related standardisation issues

Thinking Ethically: Ethics in Networked Systems Research

Human Sciences and Cyber-Security

DNS in .uk – a view of the internet from the edge

`Insert Cyber Here’: Are National Cybersecurity Initiatives Effective?

Anonymous Digital Signatures: Theory and Applications

Cyber Leninism: Ideology and Organisation of Internet Governance in China

ICANN’s Multi-Stakeholder model gaining independence : Internet Governance maturing with the transition of the US Government stewardship of IANA functions

Towards better attacks on the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem

Privacy and ethical challenges in social network research

Digital civil disobedience

The WWW and W of Computational Trust: What Where When and Who

Verifiable Electronic Voting: Making it Real

Cybersecurity – 2016-2018 outlook: legal, technical and human perspectives


Automatic Exploit Generation for Heap-based Vulnerabilities

Promoting Market Failure: Fighting Crime with Asymmetric Information

Automotive Security: the Bad and the Ugly

Seminar by TrendMicro

Getting the measure of cybercrime?

Exploring the Risks to Identity Security and Privacy in Cyberspace

Games and Cyber Security

APTs: a review and some likely prospects

Cooperation Among Profit-Driven Cybercriminals

Automated security protocol analysis: state-of-the-art and open challenges

No one is immune to data breaches

Unraveling Deceptive Digital Personas

Driving Autonomy – the Vision, the Tech, the Opportunities

Legal Concepts in Cybersecurity: A US and UK update and comparison

An Evolutionary Game-Theoretic Framework for Cyber-threat Information Sharing

Cyber Threat Intelligence might not be the solution

Establishing Community Ethics in Internet and Networked Systems Research

Cyber Security in the Corporate World: 3 perspectives

Institutional Challenges and Opportunities of Cyber Governance & Security

Enhancing Cyber Security through Self-Learning Streaming Analytics

Realities & Dilemmas in Cyber Security & Privacy

Protecting the Critical National Infrastructure from Cyber Attack: The Requirements & Research Questions

Security and Spam Fighting at Facebook

Strategic Discovery and Sharing of Vulnerabilities in Competitive Environments

Cybercrime and policing – a historical perspective on new challenges for the police

Attributing Cyber Attacks

On the Key Role Intelligence Agencies can play to Restore our Democratic Institutions

Whole Genome Sequencing: Innovation Dream or Privacy Nightmare?

AnonPoP: the Anonymous Post-Office Protocol

The Morality of Cyberattacks

Microsoft Cyber Security: blending engineering with policy-making for cyberspace confidence

Digital Forensics Research

Biologically Inspired Cyber Security

TrustLite: Trusted Computing for (Tiny) Embedded Devices

Organised computer crime, co-offending, initiation and knowledge transmission

A pessimist’s view of the Security “industry”: A fireside chat

How light is lightweight crypto?

A Public Key Infrastructure for Social Movements in the Age of Universal Surveillance

Protecting Internet communications from pervasive monitoring

Emerging Challenges in Digital Evidence and Forensics

Insider Threats, System Models, and Attacks

Knowing me, knowing you: Human cognitive ability as a substrate for fraud-resistant digital identity

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs): hype & reality

Computing on Encrypted Data

Internet surveillance: law and practice in a global digital environment

Explorations in Authenticated Quantum Key Establishment

How can users can gain better control over their data?

Cyber Propaganda and Intelligence

Of Butterflies and of Apples Narrative, History and Philosophy in the Cyber Domain

Decidability for Implicitly Authenticated Diffie-Hellman Protocols

The State’s duties to protect security and privacy – a shifting balance in the internet world?

Some comments about cyber security in Africa with special reference to South Africa

Bring Your Own Device

Investigating Cybercrime at the United Nations

The Road from Ford to Obama: Forty Years of US Information Security

Cyber Security and Warfare

Market-Oriented Cloud Computing and the Aneka Platform

International Security Implications of Cyber Weapons

Cyber Security in Practice

How Do Security Analysts Understand Metaphor in Web Documents?

Security and Privacy in Named-Data Networking

Weaponised Code: Potentials and Limitations

Balancing Cybersecurity and Individual Liberties

What Am I: Identity Across Different Cyberspaces

New Approaches To Managing Information Security Behaviour in Organisations

Industrial Control Systems, Attacks, Defences and Challenges

TLS Security – Where Do We Stand?

Whose Security? The Politics of Alternative Scope Definitions

Lotus F1 Team IT Security Overview

MockDroid: trading privacy for application functionality on smartphones

Security Games for the Smart Grid

Big Data and Network Security – how Cisco protects itself

News from the front – How the CyberWar has changed

Not all security is the same

Evolving Cyber Resilience in Complex Socio-Technical Systems

Threats in the Digital Age – IBM Security Strategy