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Driverless cars!

Dr Ingmar Posner of Oxford’s Mobile Robotics Group will be giving the Cyber Security Seminar on Friday 13 March at 2pm.  Read all about it!


Parking itself now, nation’s first car to need no driver
The Daily Telegraph, 11/02/2015, p.5, Rebecca Burn-Callander

The UK’s first driverless car, which has been designed to help commuters, shoppers, and the elderly travel short journeys, is being unveiled today in Greenwich, London. The Lutz Pathfinder prototype pod, designed and built by Coventry-based engineering firm RDM Group, is just the first of 40 cars which will hit the pedestrianised streets of Milton Keynes later this year. The Lutz vehicle has 22 sensors in total including panoramic cameras, laser imaging, and radar, which it uses to build a virtual image of the world around it. The intelligent imaging technology was purpose-built by Oxford University’s Mobile Robotics Group.


Are driverless cars the future of travel? The key questions

Channel 4 News online, 11/02/2015, Unattributed

Feature on driverless cars includes Professor Paul Newman, leader of the Oxford Mobile Robotics Group, explaining how the technology behind driverless cars works.


TV: ITV 1, Good Morning Britain

11/02/2015, 06:08

Report on the launch of the Lutz driverless pods, which will be tested on public footpaths in Milton Keynes, uses footage from the Oxford Mobile Robotics Group.

Green light for series of test runs

The Times, p.19, 11/02/2015

Article on driverless vehicles mentions the Lutz Pathfinder pod, using navigation technology from Oxford University’s mobile robotics group.

Lutz Pathfinder: Hailed by a smartphone app, this driverless car is coming to UK cities

International Business Times online UK, 11/02/2015, Alistair Charlton