SEMINAR POSTPONED Computer Says No: Content Moderation by …

Friday 1st October (week 0, Michaelmas Term 2021)

Sending messages into the future

Friday 25th June (Trinity Term 2021)

Cyber Incident Review Board: Prospects and Further Development

Friday 7th May (Trinity Term 2021)

Cyber War Crimes: Mitigating Civilian Impact in Nation-State Cyberattacks

Friday 16th April (Hilary Term 2021)

Cyber Security Mini-Deep Dive: Cyjax. “The Eight Principles of Security Leadership: An insider’s view of SolarWinds & Supply Chain Failure”

Friday 9th April (Hilary Term 2021)

Managing cybersecurity risk during Mergers & Acquisitions

Friday 26th March (Hilary Term 2021)

Cyber Security Mini Deep Dive: Context in Cybersecurity

Friday 12th March (Hilary Term 2021)

Cyber Security Mini-Deep Dive: The evolution of the authentication market

Friday 26th February (Hilary Term 2021)

When Black Swans are really ugly ducklings: Internet of Things threats to journalism in democracies

Friday 12th February (Hilary Term 2021)

This fairytale will change how you think about cyber-physical systems

Friday 4th December (Michaelmas Term 2020)