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Getting a handle on Digital Wildfires

In celebration of Safer Internet Day (today, 9 February), we draw your attention to this excellent video for schoolchildren (perfect for ages 9-15), explaining how to “take care of your digital self.” The video was created by the Digital Wildfire project:

We analyse social media datasets to assess how digital wildfires emerge and unfold. We identify the kinds of content that might spark a digital wildfire and the typical trajectories through which it spreads, accelerates and eventually abates. We examine the interactions between users that occur on social media during digital wildfires and identify practices of ‘self-governance’ through which social media users manage their own and others’ online behaviours. This includes practices such as countering hate speech, dismissing rumours and disagreeing with inflammatory posts etc. We further examine the impacts of these practices and how they may be encouraged, consolidated and enhanced to limit the damage caused by digital wildfires.

They tweet @EthicsWildfire as well.