Ransomware Decryption

Friday 1st November (Michaelmas Term 2019)

Legal issues in the field of cybersecurity

Friday 18th October (week 1, Michaelmas Term 2019)

Focus on Your Malware, Not Infrastructure

Friday 28th June (Trinity Term 2019)

How to Hack a Police Station

Friday 21st June (Michaelmas Term 2019)

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

Friday 7th June (Trinity Term 2019)

Fuzzing Cellular Networks for fun and profit – if allowed

Friday 7th June (Trinity Term 2019)

Inferring Cyber Loss Distributions from Insurance Prices

Friday 24th May (Trinity Term 2019)

Your DNA is only a click away – Personal Genomics, Privacy, Security, and a call for reform

Wednesday 15th May (Trinity Term 2019)

Exploiting the Human Factor–how we hacked a General

Friday 10th May (Trinity Term 2019)

Security Protocols: Model Checking Standards

Friday 10th May (Trinity Term 2019)