This fairytale will change how you think about cyber-physical systems

Friday 4th December (Michaelmas Term 2020)

Seminar by Shadi Razak

Friday 30th October (Michaelmas Term 2020)

Seminar by Laura Feldman

Friday 23rd October (Michaelmas Term 2020)

Library-Oriented Program Analysis with Lya

Friday 21st August 2020

I don’t care about cybersecurity

Friday 24th July (Trinity Term 2019)

“I don’t care about cybersecurity”. Research about the determinants of the cybersecurity behaviours of students.

Friday 24th July 2020

Red, Blue and everything inbetween

6th March (Hilary Term 2020)

The Perimeter Has Been Shattered: Attacking and Defending Mobility and The Internet of Things in The Enterprise Environment

Wednesday 29th January (week 2, Hilary Term 2020)

Addressing the security skills gap

Friday 29th November (Michaelmas Term 2019)

Towards Exploitability Assessment for Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities

Friday 22nd November (Michaelmas Term 2019)