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We'll be presenting our (Scarlet's, @lindicator, @ginasue & me) poster & paper at #CHI2021 tomorrow: tl'dr we used feminist methods to reconfigure threat modelling & learned a lot about what makes people (un)safe online


Dear world, I am handing over this account to my colleague David Hobbs: I am off to a new job elsewhere in the University of Oxford. This account will keep doing what it's always done, just under new management.

Cyber Security Lecturer @UniversityManch:

Bridging research (e.g.
and teaching (
Engage across discipline boundaries, incl. business stakeholders, national agencies and government departments.

What are you reading this week? For our #paperoftheweek @barneyc is recommending 'Cyber security in the age of COVID-19: A timeline and analysis of cyber-crime and cyber-attacks during the pandemic'

So, you know about how we all complain about how there is no respected career path for academics who want to specialise in teaching?

@CityUniLondon are trying to do something about this and have a teaching career track.

Now recruiting **6** staff:,3488562565&key=225216481&c=83524012235656&pagestamp=sesnpgmilmqhjlvwdt

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