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Bringing together experts from around the world to
address the cyber security challenges of the 21st century


UnBias AI for Decision Makers Toolkit

The perfect Christmas present for the technology person in your life:

Grown from work on the UnBias project, this practical ethics and governance toolkit for AI and automated systems is now available to download in a DIY print-at-home version.

“Quite frankly this is the best bit of communication in this area I have ever seen. It is the perfect complement to the UnBias Fairness Toolkit. Together they can be adopted by any organisation in business, charity, education, healthcare etc etc.
Especially in the light of recent events I just wish that every member of the Government and the Civil Service had a set! 
I know how difficult it is to refine the language so that it really gets through. You have done a superb job.”

Lord Clement-Jones CBE
Chair of the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence (2017–2018)

WEF report on Cybersecurity

The Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre is proud to have contributed to the new WEF Cyberseucirty, Emerging Technology and Systemic Risk report: downloadable here.  It outlines 15 strategic interventions that are needed now to address the emerging systemic issues in the cyber security ecosystem.

Welcome, PhishAR!

The University of Oxford is proud to announce its 200th spinout, PhishAR, led by Cyber Security Oxford members Ivan Martinovic and Ivo Sluganovic.

PhishAR will help users identify fraudulent emails, websites and other online transactions by using artificial intelligence to scan and analyse what is presented on the screen in order to detect discrepancies such as style and formatting, used URLs, information requested from the user, and other security indicators.

Healthcare Systems workshop

Looking at issues relating to access in different healthcare systems, with specific focus on opportunities/challenges with data and digital health.  Details/registration here.